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Thank you for reaching out to Coty. In order to ensure the fastest response, please send your detailed request to Press@cotyinc.com. One of our Associates will review your information and contact you regarding any further interest.

Thank you for your interest in Coty products. We do not have discount coupons or free samples available for general distribution. US consumers can sometimes find coupons in weekly retailer circulars, your Sunday newspaper, and online at places like https://www.coupons.com/. You might also visit your local retailer to learn about special promotions supported by COTY.

By law, all ingredients in a product formulation must be listed on the package. When the package size is too small, and where permitted by local regulations, they are provided separately at the point of sale. Please ask the store staff for assistance.  For information about the function and purpose of most cosmetic product ingredients, click here.

At Coty, we do not test our products on animals and we are committed to ending animal testing across the beauty industry. For more than 25 years, Coty has been developing methods that provide a clear alternative to animal testing. For example, Coty now uses innovative predictive assessment tools such as in vitro, in silico models and molecular modeling systems which deliver realistic testing conditions.

Of course, ensuring the safety of our products is a top priority. Every Coty product has been developed, tested, manufactured and packaged in compliance with the laws, regulations and guidelines that are applicable in each country in which we sell them. This work is based on recognized alternatives to animal testing and includes sharing existing data with other companies and industries. Some governments or agencies still require the testing of certain products on animals, in accordance with their local legal and regulatory requirements.

In addition, Coty’s brand COVERGIRL is cruelty-free and has achieved a Leaping Bunny Certification by Cruelty Free International.

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